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Auditor Courses

Protocol & Report Writing

BRC Protocol & Report Writing courses have been specifically designed for auditors who need to complete their audit training.

Training routes will be different according to previous experience and qualifications. For this reason it is essential for auditors to choose the correct course. Please read the guidance below to assist you in selecting the right route:

Existing BRC auditors – if you have completed BRC auditor training and currently audit at least one other BRC Standard; and now wish to audit another Standard.

New BRC auditors – if you are not currently qualified to audit a BRC Standard.

For both routes: You should have completed a classroom-based Understanding the Requirements course in the Standard you wish to audit to BEFORE commencing the correct Protocol & Report Writing course.

These courses are for new BRC auditors.

These courses are for existing BRC auditors who wish to complete their training in order to audit an additional Standard.

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